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Gun Rights

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With the renewed interest in debating the theoretical wisdom of gun control it seems appropriate to recount its historical “benefits”.  The results of gun control in the past 100 years include 1 ½ million dead Armenian Christians in Turkey

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The attacks on the Second Amendment, by government, has extended to persecuting a decorated war hero and charging him with five counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, for having completely empty 30 round AR-15 Magazines in his vehicl

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Amidst a continuous multimedia assault on legal civilian gun ownership, one paradox studiously ignored by the gun-banners is the penchant for Domestic Agencies of the State to arm their staff members with firearms deemed (rhetorically) appropriate fo

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Amid a national debate on “assault weapons” and the recent passing of strict New York gun laws, a college student armed with an AR-15 rifle scared off two armed and potentially dangerous burglars during a midnight home invasion last week in Rochester

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