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It is so refreshing to see a main stream media article about our next President Ron Paul. Most people don't realize it, but Ron Paul has already won the election and it’s going to be a landslide! Americans are so fired up to actually have a pre

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Journalists are challenged every day to make sense of complicated business and economic issues. The Business & Media Institute (formerly the Free Market Project) aims to help the media do that essential job.

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Phoenix News Times

On Monday, March 19, Arizona Republic subscribers across the Valley picked their newspapers up off the driveway, slid off the protective plastic bag, and then, surely, started shaking the paper — looking for its missing sections. [get used to it]

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East Valley Tribune

Question: Why wasn’t Republican Ron Paul included in the East Valley Tribune’s story today about the Rocky Mountain Poll on presidential candidates? (send them an email,... or not. Irrelevant is the first word that comes to mind)

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US media job cuts surged 88 percent in 2006 from the previous year, a downsizing trend expected to continue this year, a survey said Thursday. The media industry slashed 17,809 jobs last year, a nearly two-fold increase from the 9,453 cuts in 2005

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Washington Post editorial board

Voters trying to sort out their presidential choices aren't helped by debates cluttered with the likes of Mike Gravel on the Democratic side and Ron Paul among the Republicans. If the standard is that any declared candidate is entitled to a podiu

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Christian Science Monitor

Circulation is hard to maintain when information is free on the Internet. Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer department stores, which are traditional advertisers in big city papers. And within the newspaper families themselves, an increasing number

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CJR Daily

It looks like it's official: the US Army think that American reporters are a threat to national security. Thanks to great sleuthing by Wired's "Danger Room" blogger Noah Shachtman, the Army's new operational security guideline

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Editor and Publisher

The New York Times decision to no longer participate in the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, first revealed by Frank Rich in his Sunday column, drew support from other Times staffers, but some disagreement from WHCA officials.

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Houston Chronicle

Rupert Murdoch's surprise $5 billion bid for Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, faces tough sledding after the company's controlling shareholders said they would block it.

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E & P

Anyone thinking the declines in circulation should ease when the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases its spring numbers on Monday will be disappointed. According to industry sources, overall daily circulation for the six months ending March 2007

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by Scott Horton (Harpers)

The Washington Post's David Broder seems to sum up everything that's wrong with the class who brought you weapons of mass destruction, the Iraq war and the ever “resurgent” President Bush.

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LA Times

Imus was canned after he slagged a women's college basketball team. Two newspaper columnists were canned from their small-town papers after the 9/11 attacks for criticizing President Bush.

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The East Valley Tribune hosted a Libertarian Perspective forum, printed excerpts from it, and were so proud of it they didn't bother to make it available online. Personally I would have liked a recording, but here is the article:

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by Scott Horton (AntiWar blog)

The Post ran the story, but apparently one of their editors (liars) realized this might reveal the holes in War Party claims that these new “EFPs” must be coming from Iran. After all, here, supposedly, is a whole EFP factory just a few miles south of

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The estimated $8.2 billion bid includes a $350 million investment by Zell, with the remainder essentially being financed by money the Tribune would otherwise have contributed to employees' retirement plans.