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Police State

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National Security Archive

The Justice Department official who oversaw national security matters from 2000 to 2003 e-mailed his former colleagues that the Department's justifications for the program were "weak" and had a "slightly after-the-fact quality

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President Bush signed the expanded Patriot Act, hailing it as vital to the war on terrorism, but a key congressional critic said it lacked adequate safeguards for civil liberties. Congress made 14 of the Act's 16 sunset provisions permanent

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By LAURIE KELLMAN Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — The renewal of the USA Patriot Act is heading for final passage in the Senate after majority Republicans broke a two-month stalemate over the legislative centerpiece of President Bush's war on terrorism.

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Raw Story

No more difficult task as legislators than balancing the need for security against civil liberties. 5 years after the tragedy of 9/11, and in the midst of a war against terror without any clear endpoint, it is increasingly clear that we are failing i

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Associated PRess

"The original Patriot Act is a case study in the perils of speed, herd instinct and lack of vigilance when it comes to legislating in times of crisis," Sen. Byrd said. We were "stampeded, and the values of freedom, justice and equality

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Assoicated Press

Months overdue in a midterm election year, the USA Patriot Act renewal cleared a final hurdle in the Senate on its way to President Bush's desk. Several Democrats voted "no" on the test vote, but said they would vote for the bill on fi

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Center for Democracy & Technology (PDF)

While the government needs a warrant, issued by a judge, to search someone's home computer, it can access a person's webmail account with only a subpoena, issued without judicial review. A cellphone can be used to pinpoint an individual's

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Christian Science Monitor

It has been over one year since Congress passed the Intelligence Reform Act, the largest restructuring of our national security agencies in half a century. As the law is implemented, we must overcome entrenched bureaucratic trends. Perhaps most entre

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Taylor Marsh

Welcome to the other cover-up, ladies and gentlemen. The one where the Republicans who control Congress decide to hide the fact that President Bush illegally spied on Americans. I know, it's hard to keep the Bush-Cheney butt covering straight.

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Washington Post

At two key moments, White House officials contacted congressional leaders ahead of intelligence committee meetings for a deeper review of the administration's warrantless-surveillance program. In both cases, it was spared the outcome it most fear

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