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Police State

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NY Times

N.S.A. officials met with the Qwest executives in Feb. 2001 [just after Bush took office] asking for more access to their phone system for surveillance operations. The company declined, expressing concerns the request was illegal without a c

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Papers Please

The stated purpose of the SAVE Act of 2007 is to coordinate with states to establish a common data set and common data exchange protocol for electronic birth and death registration systems, and for such systems to align with a national model.

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Lew Rockwell

Usually when my school foists tyrannical measures onto the student body, a mere "wesayso" will suffice. But for once, my principal has made the arduous trek out into the realm of rational discourse, so that he can lay out the case for compu

Article Image Roll the bones...Get Busy!

I am shocked to inform you that we have learned that the FBI is moving aggressively to forfeit "their" seizure for auction immediately! If that does not shock and alarm you, you are truly asleep! If there has ever been a time to support th

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East Valley Tribune

Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, the leading foe, said the deal Gov. Napolitano inked with the U.S. Homeland Security is a step toward totalitarianism. “This isn’t Nazi Germany, and I oppose requiring people to carry tracking devices in their pockets.”

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So how free are we really? The most relevant answer is that we're not as free as we were 20 years ago, not nearly as free as we were 50 years ago, and we'll be even less free 20 years hence.

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In argument before the high court in the latest attempt by detainees to win release, Justice Stephen Breyer indicated 3 times it would be possible for Congress to enact a law that would provide the basis for holding the detainees indefinitely without

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Naomi Wolf

Last autumn, there was a military coup in Thailand. The leaders of the coup took a number of steps, rather systematically, as if they had a shopping list. In a sense, they did. (Here is the list)

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Mind Control Techniques

The CIA tested a wide variety of psychoactive substances, most notably LSD, on the general public and often without consent of the subject. Whether or not such a program still exists is a matter of debate (e.g. Guantanamo)

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Washington Post

The nine justices on the highest U.S. Court are to hear argument in the appeal of 36 Guantanamo prisoners who say a 2006 law wrongly denies them a meaningful way to challenge their detention at the U.S. Naval Base on Cuba.

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To state that today is critical would be a gross understatement; the Internet is buzzing about the upcoming passage of the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, yet through all of the talk and articles, we still haven

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PC World

Facebook has confirmed findings of a CA security researcher that the social-networking site's Beacon ad service is more intrusive and stealthy than previously acknowledged, an admission that contradicts statements made previously by Facebook exec