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Police State

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Renuart, commander of the U.S. Northern Command, seems unnaturally upbeat for a man whose job is to figure out what disasters might befall the American homeland, and lay plans to prevent or cope with them. "I think we're doing really good th

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World Net Daily

In talking about his plans to double the size of the Peace Corps and nearly quadruple the size of AmeriCorps and the size of the nation's military services, he made this rather shocking (and chilling) pledge: "We cannot continue to rely on o

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ABC 7 Chicago

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has offered his assistance in fighting what he calls an epidemic of crime in Chicago. The governor would send in Illinois state troopers and National Guard equipment to stop the violence. He was meeting Wednesday

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USA Today

While teams of counterterrorism agents swoop into rail stations and randomly search passengers, undercover agents in disguise scan the crowds while other agents in full combat gear carry semiautomatic guns & patrol the platform...

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Christian Science Monitor

Is a laptop searchable in the same way as a piece of luggage? The Department of Homeland Security believes it is. Immigration officials at border entries have been searching and seizing citizens’ laptops, cellphones, and BlackBerry devices when they

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East Valley Tribune

Terrorism liaison officers have been getting a lot of attention in the national press lately. But the bottom line of what they do is keep their eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity.

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Baltimore Sun

With Congress on the verge of outlining new parameters for NSA eavesdropping between suspicious foreigners and Americans, lawmakers are leaving largely untouched a host of government programs that critics say involves far more

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Philadelphia Inquirer

This year, America doesn't deserve to celebrate its birthday. This Fourth of July should be a day of quiet and atonement. For we have sinned. We have failed to pay attention. We've settled for lame excuses. We've spit on the memory of tho

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U.S. Secret Service

A Joint Project of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the United States Secret Service. Developing a basic understanding of key technical and legal factors regarding searching and seizing electronic storage devices and media.

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