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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)

Somewhere, there is probably a “Wounded Heroes in Blue” roster that pays tribute to former New Jersey police officer Christopher Onesti, who retired on disability in 2006 following an on-duty incident in which he injured the ring finger of his left h

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Photography Is Not A Crime

Virginia State Police are offering an opportunity for every motorist and every pedestrian in the Commonwealth to be “eyes and ears” for suspicious or criminal activity. A new app, available for most smartphones, encourages citizens to either directly

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“I didn’t hear him say anything like, ‘Get down on your hands and knees,’ you know? I didn’t hear him say anything. He just started shooting,” the witness said. “He emptied the gun on him…. Boom, boom, boom. Six shots — five or six.”