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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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Photography Is Not a Crime

Despite the constant arrests, Saulmon has no intention of stopping his activism as he rides his bike all over town with at least two cameras; one strapped to the bike, the other in his backpack ready to pull out. “I don’t care how many times they

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by William N. Grigg (Pro Liberate)

The police had done nothing useful to solve that crime. Their only contribution to the case was to stage a lethal SWAT raid against a man who had been nowhere near the bar when the shooting took place, and had nothing to do with it.

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Jonathan Turley

Crow says that Redell swore at him and “Brandies hands were clenched” and she “appeared willing to fight.” That is clearly not enough to justify such an assault. She is shown upset and agitated but sitting in the chair and crying. That is when Crow l

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NBC News (video)

The judge appointed an outside lawyer to oversee changes to the program and issue regular public reports. She also ordered a trial program in which officers would wear cameras in one precinct in each of New York’s five boroughs to record their encoun

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