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100 million plus. That is the price tag that the unions have place on getting their pets re-elected. The people who will kiss their ass and pass laws ensuring that the people who are “for the workers” can continue to make inflated wages. This in turn

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Sharlene Holt, Musicians for Freedom

With only a few weeks left until the Republican primary, the Kokesh campaign is gearing up and getting ready for their get out the vote efforts to mobilize supporters and get Adam Kokesh elected. They are inviting volunteers to travel to Santa Fe...

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The notice, filed by attorney Vicki A. R. Lopez of the Chandler-based law firm of Marc J. Victor, PC, claims that supervisors, as well as other county officials including County Manager Ron Walker, caused the

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The struggle for our Republic and our Constitution has just started in Mohave County AZ. County Lawyers and County Bureaucrats think that they can rewrite our Bill of Rights and State laws, without even writing them... just with the power of

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I went to the Rudy Colin Laura event only to be accused of been an undercover agent by We Are Change Arizona,. The self proclaimed celebrity journalist even fabricated a story about seen me with men in balck suits and jumping into a black sedan... IT

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Elect Christine Smith

I invite everyone to my campaign website-Learn about me/issues/platform. If you believe in liberty, and would like to help the Colorado people have a voice for liberty in our legislature-I ask for your financial support. Thank you!