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It was simply too expensive to compete with Jimmy Stewart thrifts. It required fraud to show profits. (As Bill Black always says: fraud is a sure thing. It is always the most profitable way to run a business—until you get caught.)

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1942 Wickard vs. Filburn, "it is hardly lack of due process for the government to regulate that which it subsidizes." A vast increase in political-bureaucratic control over American life, even though the court's ruling rested on mind-boggling econom

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"No government will want its citizens to read this book. Because, in a nutshell, Goyette’s thesis for how individuals are to once again become prosperous: ‘The government must stop.’" - Powell Gammill, Freedom’s Phoenix

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The housing market started the new year with a thud. Home prices dropped for the fifth consecutive month in January, reaching their lowest point since the end of 2002.

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Michigan's Court of Appeals has cleared the way for a team appointed by the governor to come up with a consent deal to keep afloat Detroit, America's historic "Motor City," which could run out of money in months. The pressure on Detroit is intense

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I don't believe in any state intervention in the economy whatsoever, but in the crisis of the early 1980s, then-Fed Chairman Paul Volker headed off a depression and set the stage for a strong recovery by keeping rates very high – on the order of 15-1