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If I said an economist said that the American economy was heading into a “death spiral,” most people would likely think I was referring to Peter Schiff, Bob Murphy or someone from the Mises Institute. They would be wrong. Reuters reports Richard Dunc

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The strongest and toughest creatures out there that no one has been able to subdue yet, the inexplicable American consumers, are digging in their heels though the entire power structure has been pushing them relentlessly to buy more and more with mon

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Like Alien vs. Predator, it’s an epic battle of powerful forces locked in combat. Only this is a battle of economic forces. As we see on the old black and white movies, when Godzilla and other monsters battle, ordinary human beings count for nothin

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What will the Fed do at the meeting later today? No one really knows except the FOMC members, but here’s my best guess.