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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

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Rawstory (video)

Given that and the subject matter, it should come to no surprise to anyone that Stewart used Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show to examine mainstream media’s coverage of the so-called Weiner “scandal.” Stewart’s facetious barbs were especially

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Mondo Frazier

John McCain: “I never considered myself a maverick.” John McCain isn’t selling his soul for political gain — he’s driving down its price so he can make a fortune in default swaps on the backend. Jon Stewart does a nice job of exposing the ridiculous

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Comedy Central

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart reminded his audience — in case they’d somehow forgotten — of the Iraq War, with its “lack of a coherent postwar plan [or] a reason to have the war.” “But did you know that we also have this whole other war in Afghanis