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Space Travel and Exploration

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By calculating where photosynthesis might be possible around the galaxy, scientists are developing a new way to figure out where Earth-like planets might be located. When seeking to figure out where life might evolve, researchers have often focuse

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A huge ball of brightly burning gas drifting through a neighboring galaxy may be the heaviest star ever discovered -- hundreds of times more massive than the sun, scientists said Wednesday after working out its weight for the first time. Those be

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Bill Whittle tells us how NASA provided inspiration for himself and America, even though it is a government run program, recently relegated from space exploration to Muslim outreach. Don't fret. The private sector is filling the void left in space

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Shimizu Corporate Website

Solar panels right around the lunar equator? Space hotels? Well, I was a little sceptical about these dreamy futuristic plans when I read about them on a hooey pseudoscience site. So I went to the source, Shimizu Corporation of Japan. I was even m

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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), NASA's youngest moon probe, has beamed home a treasure trove of data since its mission began in June 2009. Here, we take at 10 of LRO's most intriguing lunar discoveries so far.