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Article Image, By Dr. Joseph Mercola

In early April 2020, became one of the first websites to purposely block Google from indexing our articles and breaking news blog posts.

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Powerful JRE - Joe Rogan -

Riley Gaines, a former competitive swimmer, champions the preservation of women's sports and single-sex spaces by advocating for the exclusion of biological male competitors. She leads The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, serves as an

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Tucker Carlson - Twitter

The former Fox host turned Twitter/X podcaster sat down with Cuomo for the interview to discuss a wide range of topic, including the issues surrounding January 6 and Donald Trump.

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Lex Fridman is a Russian-American computer scientist and podcaster. He hosts the Lex Fridman Podcast, in which he interviews guests, which have included prominent figures in various fields, including science

Article Image, James Damore

Is Google open to a diverse array of viewpoints? Or is it an ideological echo chamber? Just ask former Google software engineer James Damore. He was fired for disagreeing with Google's (left-wing) orthodoxy. In this video, James shares his story.

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