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Central Intelligence Agency

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By Greg Miller, Adam Goldman and Ellen Nakashima

A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee concludes that the CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years — concealing details about the severity of its methods, overstating the significance


The CIA must face claims over withheld records related to the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Sen. Robert Kennedy, a federal judge ruled.

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By Greg Miller, Ed OKeefe and Adam Goldman

A behind-the-scenes battle between the CIA and Congress erupted in public Tuesday as the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee accused the agency of breaking laws and breaching constitutional principles in an alleged effort to undermine the panel

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Washington Post

The 50-year-old Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, once considered the best-funded insurgency in the world, is at its most vulnerable in decades, due in part to a CIA covert action program that has helped Colombian forces kill at least