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Central Intelligence Agency

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Prison Planet

The CIA has sent forth its potted plant to rule over Syria – but only if it can manage to defeat the Syrian army and remove Bashar al-Assad, either by Russian aircraft or in the same way Moammar Gaddafi was removed.

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Washington Post

Syria’s opposition coalition was on the verge of collapse after its president resigned and rebel fighters rejected its choice to head an interim government, leaving a U.S.-backed effort to forge a united front against President al-Assad in tatters.

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Lew Rockwell blog

Fascinating information has emerged from the federal government's attempt to prosecute employees of Blackwater Worldwide for murder and other violent crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US government's case against Blackwater fell apart

Article Image Ray McGovern: My Take

After a messy confirmation — which asked new questions about drone assassinations and old questions about enhanced interrogations — John Brennan has taken over at CIA. But his past may not be so easily forgotten in a world looking for accountability