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2017 will be a different year which may or ma not turn the tide of the occupation of Mordor by the oligarchies in DC. We'll see, I am not holding breath. Don't hesitate to stop preps for the coming Endarkenment or suspect that the rulers will all

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Walmart has now officially signed on to sell Black Lives Matter Apparel. These shirts are going to display the phrase, "Black Lives Matter" and show a fist in the air! If you also remember, Walmart pulled an "All Lives Matter" bumper sticker

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may be called on to defend the Republic against left-wing terrorists. (NaturalNews) The anti-American, communist-leaning website is openly organizing a popular uprising against the legitimate new administration of the United States of

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no matter what the government says. NaturalNews) Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, has declared that the denial of an easement necessary to drill under the Missouri River will not be impeding their plans t

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Here's something we never heard Obama say as he continued the longest war in America's history in Afghanistan and ordered so many unconstitutional drone strikes over the past eight years that most Americans have no idea how many countries their c

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Cannon Ball, ND -- Award-winning actor and longtime environmental and animal rights activist, James Cromwell, held nothing back in an interview Sunday, when discussing ongoing exploitation and brutalization of Indigenous peoples battling Energy Tran

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In an interview with Democracy Now, award-winning national security journalist Jeremy Scahill revealed stunning connections between a private security firm called TigerSwan, operated by a former Delta Force operative, and law enforcement intelligence

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Free Thought Project

Donations of warm clothing, blankets, and other items to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe water protectors and their supporters have been welcomed as several encampments brace for a severe North Dakota winter on the open plains. But, perhaps most welcom

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This Monday, November 20th, marked the 106th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution -- the beginning of the most important armed conflict in Mexico's contemporary history, which established the socio-economic framework on which the country was re-f

Article Image News Link • Global by Carey Wedler

As protesters continue to stand against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, facing off against heavily militarized police and their water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, and tasers, they have gained broad support.

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UPDATE: 1:15 a.m. EST, Nov. 21, 2016: Indigenous Rising Media reported that according to the head medic of the Oceti Sakowin Camp, at least 167 demonstrators have been injured so far after NoDAPL protesters were confronted by militarized police Sunda

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