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Washington Post

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul said today that he could see no possible reason to ever launch military action or initiate a war, vowing instead to battle efforts he said are undermining the individual liberties of people in America.

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National Journal

Look who's crashing the party! His $5 million is impressive because no one on the GOP side is raising BIG bucks. And don't write off Paul's supporters as simply angry anti-U.N. black helicopter types. There's been anger from the GOP**

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A look at the Republican presidential candidates and their performance on the campaign trail. I wonder who's and find out. The results may shock some, but to those who have heard the debates it won't be a surprise.

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Operation New Hampshire

Many have heard that the bad guys are afraid of Ron Paul and have pulled in the date to register as a Republican in New Hampshire to Oct. 12th (3 days!). A web sight has been created to pool efforts to get the word out, help support them:

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Taki's Top Drawer

Like John Kerry in 2004, Hillary has complained for years about "the way" the war has been prosecuted, but not about the real issue, which is "What are we doing there in the first place?" She avoids that issue. She does not disavo

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by Justin Raimondo (AntiWar)

Ron Paul is breaking through. His call to return to the vision of the Founders, and the principles embodied in the Constitution, is piercing the wall of silence that surrounds the conduct of our disgraceful foreign policy. [Now the threats should sta

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by Rick Fisk (LewRockwell)

Ron Paul can win. Dr. Paul's latest accomplishments have created a great deal of buzz amongst the old media talking heads (let's stop calling them "mainstream" OK?) Most of those who have been predicting that Ron Paul is a long shot

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CNN (video)

"I am not in favor of medical marijuana being legal in the country," Romney said as he moved on to greet other people. Holton continued, "Excuse me, will you please answer my question?" "I am not in favor of legalizing medica

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Orange County Register

The Texas congressman is not likely to be president, but his campaign already represents the most significant pro-freedom movement in recent American history.