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Combining atomically thin graphene with layers of atomically thin insulators appears to open the door to using graphene in computer chips. A hat tip to for reprinting this University of Manchester news release

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In the early 1990s, overfishing led to the collapse of one of the most bountiful cod fisheries in the world, off the coast of Newfoundland. Twenty years later, the cod population still has not recovered, dramatically affecting the economic life of th

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A relatively small cluster of genetic information endows the staple fruit of summer with its taste and texture. The secrets of the tomato, star of gardens, salads and gazpacho, is now laid out for plant breeders and horticulturists in exacting detail

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During the Cold War, both sides liberally used the “bug”--the remote listening device--to surreptitiously get wind of what the other side was up to by listening in on a room, a building, or, in the case of East Berlin, an entire city.

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A detailed analysis of more than 4 million absorbent minerals has determined that new materials could help electricity producers slash as much as 30 percent of the "parasitic energy" costs associated with removing carbon dioxide from power plant emis

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A research team from the University of Florida (UF) has fabricated a graphene solar cell that demonstrates a power conversion efficiency of 8.6%, a record value, when considering earlier attempts in the making of graphene solar cells that managed onl