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Quitting smoking is well-known to be one of the most difficult endeavors a person can do. Throughout history, people have struggled to kick the habit, but finally in the 21st century, a new and extremely safe and effective method has been developed.

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Japanese scientists claim to have coaxed stem cells to develop into a rudimentary human liver, replete with working blood vessels and the ability to metabolize. At the same time, another group in Japan reports the growth from stem cells of a precurso

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The throat and facial movements that twist the air pushing through your vocal cords into words could be rooted in the well-meaning expressions primates exchange with each other, according to two recent studies based at Princeton University.

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The world’s tallest building took five years to reach its 828-meter height, but a Chinese company wants to leave it in the dust. Broad Sustainable Building, which already built a hotel in two weeks, aims to erect the Sky City within three months

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