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James Cameron's next film is deep. Like, seven miles deep. It's a 90-minute documentary of the Avatar director's quest to take a submersible he designed himself way down into the Mariana Trench, so it's literally the least superficial movie he's ever

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Of those, some one million were in Britain. Nearly every family lost a loved one, with children and the elderly being particularly vulnerable. The NHS was unable to cope with the sheer numbers infected, which ran to around ten million — almost a s

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We've all seen SpaceX's incredible footage of a rocket taking off and landing. (In case you haven't, check out the above.) Read more:

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A newly produced material is believed to be the "blackest" ever created. Vantablack is a pure carbon coating and absorbs 99.96 percent of incident radiation (solar energy as it hits the material's surface). Manufacturer Surrey NanoSystems believes th

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If you place pretty much any type of solid material in the ocean, barnacles will firmly attach themselves to it. If you were to try applying a glue to any of those materials while they were underwater, however, it likely wouldn't stick.