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Before leaving the house early one morning in 63 BC, an anxious Julius Caesar told his mother, "Today thou shalt see thy son either pontifex maximus… or an exile."

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For almost two weeks, the political buzz in the US has focused on those who have already declared their candidacy for the 2016 presidential run, Republicans and Democrats, and their reaction to "knowing what we now, would you still support the Iraq i

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Though it's difficult for those gullible souls who are excited yet again about one presidential candidate or another to comprehend, politicians (with VERY few exceptions) -- in both parties -- are not interested in helping the "underprivileged.

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After more than a decade of wrenching national debate over the intrusiveness of government intelligence agencies, a bipartisan wave of support has gathered to sharply limit the federal government's sweeps of phone and Internet records.

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As buds sprout on long-dormant trees and the first blooms of Spring peek out from their beds, presidential candidates are gearing up for the political season – which is, I fear, already upon us. It therefore behooves us to examine what to make of t