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Understanding Toyota Sudden Acceleration Joel S. Hirschhorn As a materials and manufacturing engineer with decades of experience with failure analysis of manufactured products, and as an owner of a Toyota vehicle, I am saddened by the lack

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Specifically, if government agents dress up like the "other team" and stage an attack on their own country, most people's "defend the tribe" hardwiring kicks in, so they rally around their leaders and call for the heads of the "other team".

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by Brian Johnson for

Toyota suddenly becomes the target of a government-led witch hunt? Toyota’s U.S. operations are extremely successful, not saturated by inefficient union monopolies, and are in direct competition with the now government-owned General Motors.

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ISIS is saying Iran cannot make usable fuel for the nuclear power plant it is building, and Gibbs is saying Iran lacks the capability to make fuel rods for its research reactor. Which suggests Iran’s vaunted nuclear program is a busted flush.

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It sounded good when the Treasury’s pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, announced that top executives at Citigroup, Bank of America and the other five institutions surviving at taxpayers’ expense would see their compensation packages cut in half this year an

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