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US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urged lawmakers not to renege on their promises to fund NATO’s new missile defense system, saying such a decision could jeopardize US relations with its European allies.

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The Pentagon on Tuesday saluted open gays in the ranks, with a civilian lawyer calling on fellow homosexuals to “stretch a little” and become more visible inside the military in the drive for benefits for same-sex couples.

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Russia Today (h/t LewRocwell blog)

The Pentagon budgets half a billion dollars to market its wars in the US. Call it public relations or call it propaganda, it's meant to win the hearts and minds of Americans. But is it coming at the price of the truth?

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Bases left in WWII or after the Vietnam War are now being refurbished and put to use in a broader anti-China surge in the region The Obama administration is continuing its strategic pivot to Asia-Pacific and now trying to cultivate renewed relatio

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The United States is planning a significant military presence of 13,500 troops in Kuwait to give it the flexibility to respond to sudden conflicts in the region as Iraq adjusts to the withdrawal of American combat forces and the world nervously eyes