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Drug War

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Writers on this page and elsewhere long have exposed the U.S. War on Drugs for what it is: a fraud that has killed or destroyed many more people than ever have been injured or killed by illegal drugs themselves.

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NY Times

[well duh] An unlikely coalition of corrupt Afghan officials, timorous Europeans, blinkered Pentagon officers and the Taliban has made poppy cultivation stubbornly resistant to eradication.

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Mexico City police are investigating classified advertisements posted on the Internet by people offering their services as hired killers for as little as $6,000.

News Link • Global Reported By Chip Saunders
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We've got pot growing out of our skin? Essentially, yes. The skin has joined the growing club of organs that is known to produce "endocannabinoids" — the body's own reefer. The biggest producer of endogenous pot is the brain. [buste

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Las Vegas Sun

"Some of the world's biggest drug-producing regions are out of control of the central government," [UN bureaucrat] Costa said. Wherever security slows down or thwarts efforts to distribute incentives, "cultivation gets out of contr

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Press Democrat

Despite initial voter approval of Mendocino County, California's Measure B on June 5th, the official vote tally may not be known until the end of June due to uncounted absentee and provisional ballots.

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Should medical marijuana be kept from minors at all costs? Why is it that pharmacists can dispense amphetamines without getting busted, but legal operators who dispense medical marijuana face prison time? Why do armed federal agents persist in raidin

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NEW YORK (AP) -- A gang of police impersonators abducted and tortured cocaine traffickers, forcing them to hand over multimillion-dollar stashes by holding their families hostage or threatening to squeeze their testicles with pliers,

News Link • Global Reported By Geoffrey Hayes
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The owner of six Southern California medical marijuana dispensaries, including one store linked to an accident that killed a motorist and paralyzed an officer, are facing federal drug and money laundering charges. Virgil Grant III, 41, and his wif

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Phoenix New Times

The businessman was meeting with clients for lunch at Mimi’s Café when he noticed the woman. Sitting a few tables over with her 4-year-old boy, she seemed groggy — yet she was drinking a mimosa. It got worse. The woman ordered a glass of white wine,