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Drug War

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After more than 30 years of death, destruction, and failure, the two primary advocates of the war on drugs are public officials and drug lords. The reason is obvious: these two groups are the biggest beneficiaries of the drug war.

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Becky Chandler

This week the FDA issued another one of their Nanny Fatwas banning some cold and cough concoctions, not because they are dangerous, but are either ineffective or unproven. Under normal circumstances this would be about the FDA's unwarranted interfer

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Cronkite News Service

A state senator wants to keep electronic cigarettes out of kids’ hands by making it a petty offense for merchants to sell them to minors and for minors to buy them. “If we’re going to say minors can’t buy regular cigarettes, it doesn’t seem valid

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Argentina is accusing the US military of attempting to smuggle arms, drugs and spy equipment into the country under the pretext of a police training course. The US military disputed the claims, denying an attempt to smuggle equipment into Argentina.

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"No more violence, no more lack of safety, no more corrupt politicians, let's move ahead with citizen candidates," marchers on the touristy Paseo de la Reforma shouted after at least 45 people died. Demonstrators marched to appeal for tougher anti-dr

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NY Times

More hospitals and medical businesses in many states are adopting strict policies that make smoking a reason to turn away job applicants, saying they want to increase worker productivity, reduce health care costs and encourage healthier living. Th

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You Tube

Rep. Diane Russell of Portland has sponsored a bill that would make Maine the first state to fully legalize marijuane for its citizens. Washington Country Sheriff Donnie Smith questions the effectiveness of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

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NBC News

Drug smugglers used a catapult to fire contraband over the border between Mexico and Arizona, authorities said Wednesday. National Guard troops operating a remote video surveillance system on Friday evening saw several people using the device besi

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Bolivians chewed coca leaves in demonstrations around the country Wednesday to push for a change in a 1961 UN convention to remove a ban on a practice that has been part of indigenous cultures here for millennia. Protesters gathered outside the US