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Drug War

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McClatchy News (video)

A debate about legalizing marijuana and possibly other drugs — once a taboo suggestion — is percolating in Mexico, a nation exhausted by runaway violence and a deadly drug war. The debate is only likely to grow more animated if Californians approv

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Brave New Hooks

At this very moment on America’s west coast, there’s a war on. The lines have been drawn in the battle over California’s Proposition 19, which would permit adults over 21-years-old to possess and cultivate marijuana for recreational use.

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Time magazine

The killers came for Mayor Cavazos in the early hours of Aug. 16 when 7 SUV's rolled up and men in police uniforms descended on his palatial home. Servants stood back terrified, as their boss was forced away at gunpoint. His corpse was dumped on a ne

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Mexico (Reuters) - Security forces found the body of a slain mayor on Wednesday near Mexico's richest city, days after he was abducted by hitmen in the latest attack on a public official by increasingly bold drug cartels........

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AOL News

Ten years ago this summer, Portugal became the first country in Europe to decriminalize all illegal drugs. While stiff fines and prison sentences still await drug traffickers and dealers, most users are no longer considered crooks.

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McClatchy News

The drug war in Mexico is at a crossroads. As the death toll climbs above 28,000, President Felipe Calderon confronts growing pressure to try a different strategy — perhaps radically different — to quell the violence unleashed by major drug syndicate