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Drug War

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More than 400 dispensaries are under orders to close in accordance with the city's news medical marijuana ordinance. Eventually, the city hopes to whittle the number of pot shops down to 70 and to limit outlets to industrial areas.

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High Times

People are outraged that a man can be sent to prison for selling plant seeds. Marc is a glaring example of the uselessness and waste of the War on Drugs. How much taxpayer money has the United States blown trying to put Marc away?

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The Atlantic: Chris Good

The libertarian-minded congressman entered this statement into the Congressional Record on Thursday, to commemorate Hemp History Week: Madam Speaker, I rise to speak about Hemp History Week. To celebrate the American heritage of growing industrial

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Nancy Pelosi – one of the world’s leading trending topics. She’s come out with a real stinker on this one. Quoting the Rand Institute, our brilliant House Leader has come out stating that it would be far less costly to treat your teens for thei

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Savannah Georgia was inspired by other areas in the country and has joined the growing marijuana celebrations and protests. Around 150 activist came out to a public square and protested Georgia's arcane drug laws. It was a mix of colorful,fun and ec

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Mondo Frazier

Video of a Missouri family has their door broken down in the middle of the night by the guys whose job it is to "Serve and Protect." Their family pets are shot--including their corgi--while their young son is a startled on-looker.

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"In our culture, alcohol is forbidden, and this is an area where there are a lot of Muslims," said a social worker and officer with the local Young Muslim Association. Smoking hookah "is something for them to do. It's their winding down."