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Mexican United States Relations

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Mexico's economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo Villareal said his delegation would "absolutely" walk away from trade negotiations with the US if President Trump's border wall and remittances became problematic

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Dear Mexican: Math problem: If there are 20 Mexicans, 20 Indians, 20 Chinese, 20 Puerto Ricans, 20 Blacks, and one white person on a room, then how many people are there in the room who's identity is used as a benchmark to establish the identities

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'Take that order and throw it the hell out': Trump reportedly rails against campaign staff for telling surrogates to stop attacking judge … Donald Trump advised prominent campaign surrogates to go after journalists who ask questions about a

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If a new U.S. administration blocks the flow of remittances -- the estimated $20 billion that Mexicans working in the U.S. send home each year -- then joint efforts to stop money laundering and other illicit forms of finance will be dealt a dangerou

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Is it possible some sort of dialectical strategy is taking place? [George] Soros provides the thesis, you see, and Trump the antithesis. Out of media-promoted conflict emerges a synthesis that considerably deepens the relationship between Mexico and

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Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray called … proposal to force the country to pay for a wall along the U.S. border, or face economic consequences if it doesn't, a kind of diplomatic harassment that's doomed to fail …

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The U.S. - Mexican border is like a 2,000-mile roller coaster that weaves through deserts, mountains and rivers. It crosses four states, 45 cities and dips deep into washes only to rise 10,000 feet in the Coronado National Forest.

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