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Mexican United States Relations

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Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial about Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy's so-far failed bid to become Speaker of the House, which stated the following: "Voters elected a Republican House to … investigate the anarc

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At almost every pharmacy I see boxes of both drugs available in Mexico, where they just give it to you if you put some pesos on their counter. No need to beg American assholes in white coats for permission to ingest what you want.

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Grappling with the self-inflicted nationwide supply shortages of baby formula, the Biden administration announced Wednesday that it will be importing one billion pounds of this product from Mexico starting Friday.

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From 2005-2009, this editor fought tooth and nail to derail George Bush's Security and Prosperity Partnership that sought to merge Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a unified region like the EU. We succeeded and the whole initiative was officially d

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Agents caught 23 people on US terror watchlist crossing southern border in 2021, including suspects from Saudi Arabia and Yemen