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Mexican United States Relations

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A Biden administration means two dramatic and dangerous reversals on Trump policies that will endanger the American public: 1. Termination of President Trump's signature 2016 campaign issue -- The Wall; and 2. Loosening of immigration restrictions.

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The Constitution was, and is, emphatic on one matter, at least: only Congress possesses the power to declare war. In the 1840s, an era of legislative preeminence, even the high-risk Tyler blanched, aware that the agreement exceeded his authority.

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The Sacramento Bee

It starts in a small industrial building in Tijuana, Mexico, according to United States officials...From there, the extensive tunnel snakes underground beneath the U.S.-Mexico border, finally ending roughly 4,309 feet later in Southern California

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Revealed: Hero mother died shielding her seven-month-old daughter who survived - while boy hid his siblings from gunmen in bushes and walked 13 miles for help after cartel opened fire on Mormon family killing nine - as police arrest a suspected drug

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by Anna Giaritelli

Border Patrol agents working along the United States-Mexico border took into custody approximately 851,000 people in the U.S. government's fiscal 2019, marking the highest number of arrests since 2007, according to federal data exclusively obtained