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Financial Times

The European Union made clear on Thursday it would not abandon Greece and let Athens’ mounting debt crisis jeopardise the eurozone, even as Germany and France played down suggestions they had already formulated an emergency rescue plan. “It’s quit

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Toyota Motor Corp shares dropped more than 8 percent on Wednesday in U.S. trading as concern deepened about the automaker's suspension of sales and production of some of its best-selling vehicles due to problems with faulty accelerators.

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David Galland

While I very much share Mr. Evans-Pritchard’s view that the global economy is far from out of the woods, our views diverge in that he sees devastating deflation speeding our way down the tunnel. Casey Research readers of any duration know that we see

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Washington Post

China overtook Germany in 2009 to become the world's top exporting nation, marking China's rapid rise and growing economic influence, but China achieved the top ranking because its exports fell only 16%, while Germany's exports fell more steeply.

Article Image President Hugo Chávez announced a sharp devaluation of Venezuela’s currency on Friday night, a move that reflects the financial stress faced by his government since the price of oil, the

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It was a rough year for Ponzi schemes. In 2009, the recession unraveled 4 times as many of the investment scams as fell apart in 2008, with "Ponzi" becoming a buzzword again, thanks to the collapse of Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion plot. Tens of tho

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Abu Dhabi threw its flashy but debt-laden neighbor Dubai a $10 billion lifeline to head off a bond default, cheering Gulf and global markets on Monday but raising questions about the undisclosed terms.

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Zero Hedge

A new report by VoxEU provides some detailed perspectives on just how bad the collapse in world trade has been as a result of last year's events. In a nutshell: the current Great Recession/Depression has plunged the world into an unprecedented colla

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