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Voting and Elections

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Lloyd Chapman, Huffington Post

Today, it doesn't really matter who the President is or who is in Congress because big corporations run our government. They decide who gets elected and what legislation gets passed. Committees in Congress are controlled by the industries they regula

Article Image, By Andrew Cawthorne

Tired and hungry after hours of working crowds under a blistering Caribbean sun, Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles needs a rest and some food back in his campaign bus.

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by The Associated Press

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Sunday claimed victory in Russia's presidential election before tens of thousands of cheering supporters, even as the opposition and independent observers insisted the vote had been marred by widespread violations.

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by Curt Day

This Fall, we will be electing, from a self-limiting pool of 2 candidates, the President of the United States.

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New York Times

A ederal lawsuit challenging Colorado’s 20-year-old taxpayer-controlled state budgeting process, known by its acronym, Tabor, is speaking truth to power, plaintiffs say, and challenging the assumption that voters always know best.

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US News

Paul hasn't made any overt appeals for the Hispanic vote, his advisers say. In fact, he has barely campaigned in Florida at all. But a new poll indicates that the he has the support of 41.5 percent of likely Hispanic Republican voters in Florida,