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There has long been a sentiment among death penalty opponents that proof of an executed innocent would turn public opinion on the death penalty. I’m pessimistic that’s going to happen. But it does raise the question for supporters of capital punishment: Does Willingham’s case make you rethink your position? If not, how many more cases of an executed innocent person would it take to make you change your mind?

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China has launched a national organ donation system to try to reduce its dependence on body parts harvested from executed prisoners, who make up the majority of donors.

Organ transplantation in China has long been criticized as profit-driven and unethical, with critics arguing death row inmates may feel pressured to become donors, violating personal, religious or cultural beliefs.

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A Texas judge on trial for closing her court despite knowing that a death-row inmate's final appeal was running late testified Tuesday that denying a request to stay open was no judicial ruling on her part.

"I did not believe I was making a decision," said Judge Sharon Keller, the presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.


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youtube-entertainment for the whole family! ;)

Chatanooga TN Police Department supports blatant disemboweling of our National Anthem in front of live audience. There are over 5 different camera angles at this public event and top ranking police personnel in nearly every frame. If it garnered so much official support and media coverage planning and staffing for it was broad in the very least. If this nation’s local and state law enforcement cannot hire pirates who know grade-school-level patriotism as a minimum, then what kind of ‘policing’ is truly in place here in “the land of the sheep and home of the slave”? If you or I stood up in front of a bunch of police and media, altering the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem etc. WE’D BE CHARGED WITH TREASON! This was a blasphemous attack on our beloved America’s most highly regarded song about itself which directly translates to every U.S. citizen. It creates the kind of shame that doesn’t wash off after a “self-inflicted national tragedy” or several generations of bon

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