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Bradlee Dean

Over the last couple weeks I have been glued to the true story "The Lone Survivor," where four of America's finest Navy SEALs of "Operation Red Wings" were sent to do some reconnaissance concerning terrorists in Afghanistan. Right from the start i

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The rapid territorial gains in Iraq of the Al Qaeda splinter group ISIS in recent days has seized the attention of American news followers, many of whom don't realize that ISIS's rise in Iraq started back in January, when it took over at least parts

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As the Islamic warriors of ISIS rolled down the road from Mosul, John McCain was an echo of French Premier Paul Reynaud, when word reached Paris that Rommel had broken through in the Ardennes:

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Islamic militant insurgents captured the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar early Monday, its mayor and residents said, striking another blow to the nation's Shiite-led government a week after it lost a vast swath of territory in the country's north.

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Militants continued their siege of Mosul today and also attack a university in Ramadi. Later in the day, Baghdad suffered from a series of bombings. Overall, at least 184 people were killed and 183 were wounded.