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North American Union

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Council on Foreign Relations

North America faces terrorist and criminal security threats, increased economic competition from abroad, and uneven economic development at home. In response a Task Force developed a roadmap to promote North American security and advance the well-bei

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By Jerome R. Corsi -

In an interview with CNBC, a vice president for a prominent London investment firm yesterday urged a move away from the dollar to the "amero," a coming North American currency.

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Jason Kirby - June 20, 2006

The Act of February 12, 1873 (Sec. 14), establishes "25.8 grains of gold" 900/1000 fine (or 23.22 grains of fine gold), which bears the required stamp and impress. The statute says that this is a dollar.

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Building a 700 mile wall in order to secure the U.S. – Mexican border hardly reconciles with the planned system of roads and rail lines labeled the North American Union Super Highway. This super highway of toll roads and rail lines coming out of M

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Ron Paul -

The SPP was not created by a treaty between the nations involved, nor was Congress involved in any way. Instead, the SPP is an unholy alliance of foreign consortiums and officials from several governments.

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About 1,000 documents obtained in a FOIA request to the Security and Prosperity of North America show the White House is engaging in collaborative relations with Mexico and Canada outside the US Constitution

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Pat Buchanan for

This is a "mind-boggling concept," exploded Lou Dobbs. It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have "gone utterly mad." What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor?

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by Kelly Taylor

The NAFTA Super Highway is a venture unlike any previous highway construction project. It is actually a daisy chain of dozens of corridors and coordinated projects that are expected to stretch out for several decades

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Google Video

Bush is secretly planning the construction of a multi-modal supercorridor expressway going from Mexico to Canada, in his effort to bring ... all » the North American Continent under his control.