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North American Union

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Leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada vowed to fight the spread of the H1N1 swine flu and combat climate change but differed on trade disputes at their "three amigos" summit.

President Barack Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met against a backdrop of an economic downturn in each country with a U.S. rebound key to a regional improvement.

Obama and Harper said their governments would share information as each faces the possibility of a predicted upsurge in the H1N1 virus this autumn.


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President Obama will attend the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper next month, it has been revealed.

The White House had not responded to requests to verify Obama’s schedule during the second week of August, however, a statement from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs titled “Upcoming Travel by the President,” confirms that Obama will attend the recently re-branded
“North American Leader’s Summit” in Mexico.

“The president will travel to Guadalajara, Mexico, August 9-10 to attend the North American Leaders Summit with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper,” the announcement, reported by World Net Daily, states.

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Liberty News Radio

The Trans-Texas Corridor, part of the NAFTA Superhighway projected to link the United States with Canada and Mexico as an integral cog of the North American Union, is back on the agenda after Texas Governor Rick Perry lied in claiming that the proposal was dead earlier this year. The open plan to merge the US with Mexico and Canada and create a Pan-American Union networked by a NAFTA Superhighway has long been a Globalist brainchild, but fierce opposition to the plan from activists across the country has stalled the plan at least temporarily....

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Dana Gabriel

North American integration is a deep-rooted agenda that continues on many different fronts. This has not changed under an Obama administration. Posted on the U.S. Department of State’s website calendar of events is the fifth annual North American Leaders Summit, which is set to take place August 8-11 in Mexico.  

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Truth Nuke

Operation Blackjack has risen to the public eye once again. Thanks to a fellow patriot, and the Info Warrior Jason Bermas, we now understand that a hexadecimal code displayed on one of the Union of North America ID cards, actually spells the words “This is not simply entertainment.”

Upon receiving this revelation and actively following the Blackjack story, I felt obligated to decode the string myself. Returning to the site of origin, I found the slide on frame 15 of part 4 of the series.

Sure enough, once I copied the code and translated it, I found the gentleman on the Info Warrior to be correct. The code: (74686973206973206e6f742073696d706c7920656e7465727461696e6d656e74) does indeed translate into “this is not simply entertainment.”

Combing over the images, I happened upon what appeared to be a new slide. In part 4 frame 17 a seemingly new image emerged. This simple addition displayed the header, “Citizens of the Union of North America Permit

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American Free Press

Texans who oppose the Trans-Texas Corridor, the conversion of freeways to toll ways, and foreign ownership and tolling of U.S. highways in Texas were outraged over the back-room deals that almost led to the passage of House Bill 300, a massive bill that would have unleashed the Texas Department of Transportation to continue pursuing broad development of the TTC and other projects that could pave over the people’s property rights.

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Joseph S. Nye; Trilateral Task Force Report #57

Even though the [global] organizations are weak, their rules and resources can have powerful effects. Moreover, the protesters are right that long lines of delegation and lack of transparency often weaken accountability. We need to think harder about