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Iran said it had halted the spread of a data-deleting virus targeting computer servers in its oil sector, and hoped to have all systems back and running within days. Hamdolah Mohammadnejad, a deputy oil minister heading up a crisis committee to co

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Are high gas prices the only thing between us and a war with Iran? Is Obama's re-election the reason that we don't find ourselves caught up in another needless mideast war? Do we have oil speculators to thank for it?

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Some data from the drone's memory device revealed it had flown over the Pakistani hideout of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden two weeks before his death in May, according to Hajizadeh. "Had we not accessed the plane's softwares and hard discs, we w

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"Sanctions,” New York Times’ reporter Rick Gladstone writes, have subjected “ordinary Iranians” to “increased deprivations” in order to “punish Iran for enriching uranium that the West suspects is a cover for developing the ability to make nuclear we

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With the P5+1 talks set to begin this weekend, the Obama Administration is already looking to their inevitable failure, and threatening more sanctions against Iran as soon as the talks end.

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On a recent trip to Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid down the law: America must threaten the Iranians with war if Tehran insists on pursuing its nuclear energy program.