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By requiring all banks, large and small, to pay a one time charge of 20 cents per $100 of deposits; this unbudgeted expense will cause some smaller banks to fail while larger banks, with the assistance of federal TARP funds, will survive.

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The Fed and the Obama administration are playing a dangerous game. The Fed is going to print trillions of dollars to forestall deflation and try to re-ignite the economy. But for a variety of reasons, a real sustainable recovery may be a few years aw

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Free banking is a theory of banking in which commercial banks and market forces control the provision of banking services. Under free banking, government central banks do not exist, and government regulations are non-existent or not as strict.

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The United States economy will skid more deeply into recession in coming months, Federal Reserve policy-makers warned, but it is time to start planning how to wind down spending to avert an inflationary surge.

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As the holder of some $2 trillion in dollar-denominated savings the Chinese government has reason to be concerned about the long-term strength of the dollar. One time-honored method of reducing large government debt is to inflate the currency