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There is no question that the Indigenous perspectives offered here stand in stark contrast with the Western ones most readers have embraced. Yet this "partnership" between cultural assumptions about living and learning is essential in this era of c

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U.S. history took a dark turn in the aftermath of World War II as the Truman administration judged the Soviet Union and socialism bigger threats than the remnants of Nazism and other right-wing ideologies. So, Washington protected some of

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The Local Voluntary

Inspired by something I read this morning, I took a 20 minute study of the Pledge of Allegiance. Who wrote it? What inspired them? Who cares? If anything, our allegiance should be to ourselves. To be honest. To seek objective truth. To see

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After writing two books and dozens of articles, and giving hundreds of radio and television interviews and public presentations on the subject of Lincoln and the political economy of the American "Civil War"over the past fifteen years,