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In the years following the adoption of the Constitution, before he was Secretary of State under President Thomas Jefferson and then president himself, James Madison, who wrote the Constitution, was a member of the House of Representatives.

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Here's how my Aug. 11, 2003, column began: "Anyone who believes President Bush's Africa initiative, including sending U.S. troops to Liberia, will amount to more than a hill of beans is whistling Dixie. Maybe it's overly pessimistic, but most

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When this writer was 3 years old, the Empire of Japan devastated Battleship Row of the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

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Murray Rothbard pointed out in "Anatomy of the State" that worship of one's ancestors "becomes a none too subtle means of worship of one's ancient rulers."

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The Department of Defense's planned expurgated history of the Vietnam War to commemorate its 50th anniversary is like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark.

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Advance to Barbarism, FJP Veale The exclusion of non-combatants from the scope of hostilities is the fundamental distinction between civilized and barbarous warfare.

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