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John Mahoney via PopSci

This is a Lamborghini Countach. It was created by taking a hyper-accurate 3-D model of an actual Lamborghini (made up of millions of polygons), then gradually decreasing the resolution of the model with 3-D software until the object is lo-resed down

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Free people's minds and the future will bring us independence and freedom... this is what is feared by parasites that live off the productive.   Every government program is nothing more than an excuse to accumulate a bucket of money that can then be poured into the waiting bucket of those that created the accumulation of many different 'buckets of money'.   STOP THIS.... and the future is full of almost unimaginable wealth for even the poorest. Once this is realized, there will be a struggle for our... 'consent'.   Here are just a few examples to jump start your imagination.

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Technology Review

A startup company in Jessup, MD, hopes later this year to bring to market one of the first products based on the nanomaterial graphene. Vorbeck Materials is making conductive inks based on graphene that can be used to print RFID antennas and electrical contacts for flexible displays. The company, which is banking on the low cost of the graphene inks, has an agreement with the German chemical giant BASF and last month received $5.1 million in financing from private-investment firm Stoneham Partners.

Since it was first created in the lab in 2004, graphene has been hailed as a wonder material: the two-dimensional sheets of carbon atoms are the strongest material ever tested, and graphene's electrical properties make it a potential replacement for silicon in faster computer chips. Synthesizing pristine graphene of the quality needed to make transistors, though, remains a painstaking process that, as yet, can't be done on an industrial scale, though researchers are w