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TED: Michael Pritchard ,LIFESAVER® Bottle Inventor Demonstrates His Product

This is what I've asked Santa for Christmas!


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Comment by Thomas James (27716)
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 To: Mr.  michael Pritchard or his representative::

I have seen the demonstration of the lifesaver bottle on and was impressed and blown away by it's ingenuity and versatility. I have tried to obtain one for testing and subsequent use during my far and wide travels in Africa and the Caribbean in the course of my project activities without sucess. Notwithstanding the enormous role this remarkable device can play in the lives of many who are deprived of their rights to the consumptin of clean water a substantial effort can be acheived as a result of this new device being made available at reasonable costs in the thousands to deservid populations at reasonable subsidized costs.

I am interested in obtaining a unit or two on an immediate basis for testing and since the earthquake desaster in Haiti I am willing to interact with Mr Pritchard's group in colaboration with Government and other institutions in Canada to purchase and deploy as many as possible of these devices to the needy people of Haiti ON AN URGENT BASIS. I NEED a unit now to try out and I am willing to pay for it  notwithstanding it's high costs. Please contact me on an immediate basis by phone @ 613-862-2067 or by email @ for a chat.

I await your contact.. Thomas James 

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