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Article Image News Link • Global, By C.C. Weiss

Designed to give sportsmen and outdoor explorers a motor-powered means of reaching more distant waters, the MOKAI ES-Kape is an innovative boat with an integrated jet drive system. It eliminates the need for trailers and racks by breaking into three

Article Image News Link • Global, By Dave LeClair

A couple of years ago, a man named Rick Hamel created one of the most insane remote-controlled flying machines you'll ever witness. No, it's not an airplane or helicopter, or anything that mundane. Instead, he created a dragon that actually shoots fi

Article Image News Link • Global, Dylan Love

Times are complicated in Venezuela right now. Citizens are protesting the government in response to rising inflation and increased criminal violence (such as the high-profile murder of Monica Spear, former Miss Venezuela). Meanwhile, the Venezuelan g

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