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Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, By Nick Lavars

Batteries made with a lithium-sulfur chemistry rather than the typical lithium-ion hold a great deal of potential, and have for quite some time. Though they offer up to five times more energy per weight, one major roadblock has been a far shorter lif

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech By PHOEBE ECKERSLEY

Bill Iowe used his remote-controlled RC loader to clear snow from his driveway Viewers asked about the price of hiring the truck as they are desperate to try it Bill has previously attached the toy truck to a motor to perfectly mow his lawn

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, by Tyler Durden

Ostensibly driven by the resounding success of hastily throwing together Model 3 vehicles in a test outside of its "Alien Dreadnaught" Fremont factory, Tesla is once again turning to the futuristic technology of the tent.

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, By Loz Blain

Australian scientists claim they've worked out a much cheaper, more efficient way to split hydrogen out of water, using easily sourced iron and nickel catalysts instead of expensive, rare ruthenium, platinum and iridium catalysts favored by current l