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After many years, (20) of intense investigative research spear headed by Richard L. Koenig, there is enough proof and evidence to sink a battleship of corruption. This video is just the beginning and if this truth ever gets out and real justice is se

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Rafael Rodriguez LaVerde (Co-Founder of the Texas Bitcoin Conference) comes on the show to talk about the event next week - Dr. Phranq Tamburri In Studio talks Bitcoin with Rafael - Frank Tamburri, SR In studio to discuss his recent activism and awak

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Davi Barker (BitcoinNotBombs/Muslim Agorist) talks about his encounter with the TSA on his way back from Liberty Forum - Keith Cyrnek (local activist) stops by the studio - Patrick Wood (Editor of The August Fore­cast and The August Review

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By making “at least a dozen major adjustments” to Obamacare without congressional approval, Barack Obama is making a mockery of the U.S. Constitution. Throughout human history, political power has always tended to become concentrated in the hands of

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