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AZ Republic

Disputes among Maricopa County officials over the past 11 months have cost taxpayers $1.1 million in fees, according to an analysis released Monday by the Office of Management and Budget.

The fees include billings to date for six legal actions, cases in which Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew Thomas, County Treasurer Charles Hoskins and the Board of Supervisors have fought each other in court. The money includes costs associated with a grand-jury proceeding focused on the $340 million court-tower project.


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Brother and Sister Patriots:     The recent acceleration of the federal government's pace of annexing new powers, all at the expense of our liberty, mandates all Americans to seize every opportunity to shore up our defenses and arm ourselves for our essential counter attack.  These unfortunate developments have forced me to come out of my back room activities in the Truth Attack operations to make this vital and urgent appeal.

    We all know that freedom is not free.  But what is the cost of freedom?  In the beginning our ancestors paid for our freedom with their blood.  When England kidnapped our sailors, invaded our nation and put the torch to our capitol we again paid a dear price in life and limb.  When threats to freedom appeared on foreign shores mothers sacrificed their sons on distant beaches and to unmarked watery graves and our young men and women have always risen to t

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Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann expressed concern when learning that the owners of dealerships had to resort to appealing to local Democratic Senators in order to get their dealership back. Congresswoman Bachmann stated, “We have gangster government when the Federal Government has set up a new cartel and private businesses now have to go begging with their hand out to their local—hopefully well politically connected—Congressman or their Senator so they can buy a peace offering for that local business.

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The revision instructs employees to observe "strict personal hygiene," including the use of deodorant. It lists "the observable lack of undergarments and exposed undergarments" as "unacceptable attire." It also prohibits clothing with foul language or messages promoting drug use, "sexually provocative" garments, halter tops and piercings anywhere except the ears.

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President Obama this afternoon will announce a series of proposals that would involve the government much more deeply in the private markets, from helping to steer consumers into affordable mortgage loans to imposing new limits on the largest financial companies, in a sweeping effort to prevent the kinds of risk-taking that sparked the economic crisis. The plan is an attempt to overhaul an outdated system of financial regulations, the president plans to say in a speech later today.

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Washington Post

The Energy Department is planning to award $18.5 billion in loan guarantees for the construction of new nuclear power plants to four utilities, government sources said today. The companies include UniStar Nuclear Energy, NRG Energy Inc., Scana Corp. and Southern Co.

Nuclear power advocates hope that the loan guarantees will help launch a new wave of nuclear power plants that use a new generation of technology

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The Obama administration plans to streamline U.S. bank oversight and put the Federal Reserve in charge of monitoring big-picture economic risks in a sweeping regulatory overhaul to be formally unveiled, a senior administration official said.

The Office of Thrift Supervision, a Treasury Department unit, would be closed and the federal charter under which savings and loans operate eliminated under the plan, the official told reporters on a conference call on Tuesday.


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Setting up a certain fight with big business, President Barack Obama is proposing a new regulatory agency to police lenders and protect consumers in credit, savings and other banking transactions.

The consumer agency and a newly empowered Federal Reserve will be two of the central elements of a broad overhaul of the financial regulatory system that the president will announce today, officials said.


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McClatchy News

Internal Bank of America documents and e-mails among federal banking regulators show that federal officials leaned on the bank to seal the acquisition of Merrill Lynch in December or else face a management upheaval if the company wanted government assistance.

The internal documents, subpoenaed this week by

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Last week, General Motors finally declared bankruptcy.  Many in government thought $20 billion in taxpayer dollars would save the company, but as predicted, it only postponed the inevitable. The government will dump another $30 billion into GM and take a 60 percent controlling interest for it.  Public officials are now involving themselves in tactical business decisions such as where GM’s headquarters should move and what kind of cars it will build.

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Why does the government call the people corporations names spelled in all capital letters? Why do all courts fly admiralty flags, the ones with the gold fringe, in the courtroom. This is because they derive their "power" to control the population indirectly from the constitution specifically from Article 1 section 8 "To declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal. A Letter of Marque is an international agreement that allows a Pirate to become a Privateer.

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The GAO (Government Accountability Office) periodically issues reports titled something like "The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook" that attempts to predict the future economic outlook of the USA based on computer simulations. The reports cited here show that the result of the Obama administration's efforts to "fix the economy" will most likely make things much worse. Not just in the short term but for a long time!

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From indelibly American quotations like "Give me liberty or give me death" to the iconic pairing of "liberty and justice" in the Pledge of Allegiance, there's no shortage of examples demonstrating that Americans have historically placed a high value on the concept of freedom. But in a country as large and diverse as the United States, the concept of liberty is sure to have different definitions for different people. More complicating still is the fact that, beyond the overarching liberties defined by the Constitution, individual states have their own legislation to address individual freedoms that aren't explicitly covered in federal doctrine.

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