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Article Image News Link • Global, By Oliver Pickup

The 400-metre world record holder, Michael Johnson, believes disabled athletes who use prosthetic limbs should not be allowed to compete in able-bodied races, as it has not been disproved whether or not it provides them with an "unfair advantage".

Article Image News Link • Global, By Scott Thill

Tackling stimulating subjects like mass extinction and resource wars with nary a human character in sight, Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is a cerebral sci-fi experiment that’s far more ambitious than it sounds.

Article Image News Link • Global, Joe Weisenthal

It's not clear if voters really care about the fact that Mitt Romney hasn't revealed more than one year of taxes, but the talk surrounding this issue is so loud that it's a "win" for Obama because it's a topic other than the economy and jobs

Article Image News Link • Global, by Staff Report

Milos Forman, who won Academy Awards for best director for the films "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus," has penned a defense of the formal American military/political system, the one that is waging at least six overt and covert wars ove

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