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Preparations for Nanotube production is done... almost. Now I'm calibrating the Tube Furnace and studying. The link below provides a little info about what's being done.... without the benefit of nanotubes :)

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Graphene, a single layer of the common graphite, is a largely overlooked allotrope of carbon as compared to the more popular ‘eternal’ diamonds

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Different techniques for nanotube synthesis and their current status are briefly explained. The largest interest is in the newest methods for each technique and the possibilities of scaling up.

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About $550 will get you a NEW Rectifier (fancy battery charger type device that allows for an adjustable level of electricity for various uses). For the same price you can get 3 times the power in a used unit... we'll let you know how that works out

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Individual countries might be able to provide energy for each of their citizens with cheap or even free energy but then the people are dependent on the government for energy.