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Battery Project

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RV Solar Concepts

In this video we discuss the differences between traditional Lead Acid batteries and Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are often marketed as "drop-In" replacements in the RV world but there are some things to consider before taking the plunge! Wat

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David Poz -

How much energy can we make per gallon of diesel fuel? I'll be testing an Army generator's fuel economy while re-charging my off grid solar battery bank. The military generator is model MEP-831A. It's a single cylinder, Yanmar L-70 diesel engine

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Two Bit DaVinci -

Batteries are one of the hottest areas of research and development around the world. It's critical fo everything from grid storage, home backup, electric vehicles, and even short haul flight. But as the popularity of all these fields increase, certai

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Will Prowse -

Introduction and Basic Features - Surge Capacity Test! - Speed Charge Test AC + Solar - Split Phase 6kW Test + Ground Neutral Bond - Continuous Load Test + Capacity Test - The good - The bad

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Just Have a Think -

Lithium-ion remains the battery energy storage technology that all newcomers need to beat if they want to get a share of the market. More of more of them are looking like doing just that, including an alternative chemistry using one of the Earth's mo