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Deep State- Shadow Government

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The Atlantic Council has been connected to the impeachment inquiry through a common contact with Burisma Holdings and the supposed whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. The Council's board is riddled with members of the Trilateral Commission. The Atla

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For now, it comes down to this: the US State Department is at war with the White House. State's allies in the Democratic majority congress want to help overthrow the occupant of the White House because he's interfering in the department's fore

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First, all the way back in 2005 -- more than a half decade before the war began -- CNN's Christiane Amanpour told Assad to his face that regime change is coming. Thankfully this was in a televised and archived interview, now for posterity to beh

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An article in yesterday's Washington Post provides a perfect example of the obtuseness of the mainstream press to the U.S. deep state and its dark-side practices. The article is entitled "Iran's Hostage Factory" by Jason Rezalan.